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NUFC’s Saudi Takeover ‘should get green light’

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A fresh report has today surfaced claiming that there is increased confidence of the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle United finally being pushed through.

Despite both the selling party and buying party being so hell bent on a sale, it is hard to get your head around the idea that this deal is still yet to happen but according to the Press Association that may not be the case for much longer.

A reason for why is that there seems to be less hostility from the Premier League towards the consortium due to the fact that Saudi Arabia have been taken off the American government’s piracy watch list.

The fact that the sale of our club in the North East is often dragged into such matters as the American government and other giant nations will never not seem surreal but that being said, piracy was seen to be a huge reason as to why the sale never happened and this could remove a potential obstacle.

Such is the high levels of confidence; PA are reporting that the deal could even be given the green light before the scheduled Competition Appeal Tribunal and the arbitration battle which is pencilled into the diary for July.

This supports the theory presented in the piece by the Sun recently that claimed Mike Ashley had told the would-be buyers to be ready within the month to take control of the club.

As always when it comes to Newcastle United, scepticism is advised, and many have been rightly quick to point out the amount of false dawns we have had over the last year that have all ended in bitter disappointment.

Has the Premier League’s stance on the matter thawed? Could we be so close to something fantastic? Or is this just in fact more noise that will lead to nothing?

The form book suggests the latter but only time will tell.

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