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Pathetic Premier League show their true colours

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The so called ‘big six’ have been handed a measly fine for their efforts in trying to join a European Super League.

Unlike clubs that have suffered financial problems and had the heartbreak of winding up orders, the governing body for the top flight have decided not to issue the richest clubs in the land a points deduction or any other sanction for their part in basically trying to get rid of all integrity in the Footballing pyramid.

The six were allowed round the table to negotiate their punishment, how mental is that?

If anything, it should have been the other 14 that decided, but no as per usual the Premier League has bottled making a tough decision.

As Newcastle United fans, this should come as absolutely no surprise and it really goes to show the power that the six clubs have in the game, which in hand makes you think that the reports of interfering in United’s proposed takeover may have some truth behind them.

The consortium and selling parties should take note and just go ahead and do the sale without the Premier League’s say so. A precedent has now been set and anything other than a fine for this in comparison minor indiscretion would show the true colours of the Premier League.

The Premier League have truly shown themselves to be incredibly weak and this latest showing of contempt to every other club in the division is surely just further ammunition for Nick de Marco, Mike Ashley and the multiple law cases currently being fought against the incompetent body.

Reports about the takeover have picked up recently and it now seems that there is growing confidence amongst the Saudi consortium and Mike Ashley that there is a deal to be done.

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