Date: 21st May 2018 at 10:54am
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Whilst the Summer transfer window has been open for nearly two weeks and with no news on any potential signings, people on social media are getting rather impatient, to say the least.

Against a backdrop of media reported contractual talking between Rafa Benitez’s representatives and some from Newcastle over a transfer budget plus the possibility of extending Rafa’s contract here, the fact that there is no further news is what is creating the tension.

With eleven years of history regarding the Mike Ashley ownership to go by, it’s human nature for expectations of things to go wrong but this is not necessarily the case this time around as surely the powers that be realise the number of noughts the presence of Rafa being here sticks onto the end of the valuation of the club.

Also, with players going off on holiday as soon as the season finished, there can be an excuse for next to nothing happening in the world of football although some verbal agreements could be in place for all we know. Regardless of what the real story is behind the scenes, the power lies with Rafa in that he is still under contract and it’s up to the club to give him what he wants in the way of real promises and speed of doing so.

When Rafa feels like renewing a deal and things are going well on his terms then he’ll sign but one thing we don’t know for sure is that a new contract has even been offered.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this was all just a game. We’ll find out in time.

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