Date: 21st May 2018 at 12:00pm
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With a new transfer rumour appearing in the newspapers on an almost daily occurrence, the odds of one potential player link then becoming a probable signing sees it’s odds drop. Like a stab in the dark, one day you get lucky.

As things stand, the only certainty is that Rafa Benitez is still manager of Newcastle United and he has one year remaining on his contract. I expect him to honour this unless Mike Ashley, or one of his workers, makes a decision so bad that Rafa sees it as a reason to claim constructive dismissal. This could include broken promises on a transfer budget, potential signings or any other delaying tactic in getting what he needs.

All things considered, we then have to take into account that any transfer target will be kept under wraps unless an agent has let slip of our interest to start a price auction but these generally see all the newspapers release the same names instead of the daily random name generator we are seeing at present.

One thing is certain though in that there can be no more dithering with deals and the false promises of windows gone by will all have been taken on board by Rafa and stored for possible future reference. Whilst I don’t think there will be any new contract announcements for him coming until August at the earliest, I just feel that talk of it will be near the bottom of his needs at present. If or when a new deal is struck then it will only be because his full demands have been met and surely there’s a long wait ahead to contemplate worrying about so I wouldn’t and I’d try to enjoy the Summer.

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