Date: 30th July 2018 at 5:41pm
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Yesterday, with the transfer action starting to heat up we reported on how Newcastle and Fulham had, finally, agreed on a fee that would see Aleksandar Mitrovic move to Craven Cottage.

In our article, Click Here, we pointed out that the fee was being reported as £22 million possibly rising to £27 million with the add-ons in the contract being realised.

But, here at Vital Newcastle, we’re a little puzzled at the size of the fee.

It was only a matter of days ago that, it was being reported that the transfer had run into trouble over agreeing on a fee, with our article covering the situation, Click Here, suggesting Fulham had offered £16 million whilst Newcastle wanted £18 million.

So, and here’s the puzzling bit, how did the transfer fee jump to a staggering £22 million rising to £27 million?

1 – Did Fulham suddenly decide it was a case of getting their man no matter what the cost?

2 – Have Newcastle been economical with the truth in some kind of public appeasement exercise?


3 – Were we all suckered in by the lovely media boys who never really had a clue over the size of the fee being quoted?

Here, at Vital Newcastle United, we’ll let you decide, but please feel free to let us know which of the option you might consider to be the more accurate in our comments facility beneath this article.


5 Replies to “Does Anyone Else Share Our Bewilderment Over The Mitrovic Transfer Fee”

  • It seems obvious that the fee is £17m potentially rising to £22m. As the haggling has gone on for weeks around the £16m to £18m it’s my belief that when quoted fee of £22m with add-ons, they added it rather than included it.

  • Come on Raffas a genius he knows how to work in the transfer market even if you give him £200k he would still get the best deals. He cares about the club

  • Raffa will be will be taking over sports direct when he retires from football he knows how to run a business not like some people
    Not mentioning any names beginning with A

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