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Wor Flags- Waving on success!

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Wor Flags’ mission statement is “to create displays at St James’ Park that are worthy of this great club”. An honest and straightforward goal.

Since forming out of the previous group, “Gallowgate Flags”, the organisation have tried to keep outdoing themselves with each and every display. Gallowgate Flags (now Wor Flags) started with the aim of improving the atmosphere in St James Park by creating a large flag display in the Gallowgate end and now strives to cover every stand at some point throughout the season.

If any of you, like me, were fortunate to witness some of their breathtaking spectaculars last season, then you’ll know that the last home game against Arsenal was unbelievable, it definitely rivaled some of the great European club displays. Every single home seat was furnished with a flag so no one was left out and every elevation in the stadium was awash of black and white and blue and Gold.

There’s is absolutely no doubt that their involvement and visual encouragement, along with some great team second half of the season performances, have lifted the atmosphere of not just a Hollowed St James’ Park but then the city as a whole. Many fans look forward to seeing what they’re doing this week nearly as much as the football.

Next season will be a challenge as they look to improve on the last campaign. Given they are donations based organisation, and  we are in a “Cost of Living Crisis” people in the North East may tighten their belts like everyone else, however; Geordies and their religion of Football have never been shy of putting their shilling on the plate when it’s passed around the congregation, just as we have done with the

I for one can’t wait to walk into SJP,  take my seat on the Front Row of the Gallowgate, and witness the next Visual bonanza that this brilliant organisation and its volunteers avidly put together week in and week out.

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