Date: 27th August 2018 at 6:30pm
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The Swiss Ramble has been praised by the likes of Liverpool FC principal owner John W Henry in the past for his expertise on football finance.

With anger increasing towards Mike Ashley’s ownership, the financial expert took to Twitter to start a thread outlining the details of how the club have stagnated under the Sport Direct Owner’s tenure compared to Tottenham:

Needless to say fans were frustrated at how things have got to this point:

What stands out for me is that while both clubs have managed to make profit Spurs have gone on leaps and bounds in terms of revenue, squad investment, money from TV and from playing in European competition.

The fact is that due to two relegations and just one season in Europa League, the club have earned just €5m in prize money from European competitions, compared to Spurs’s €179m.

In addition, commercial revenues for us have remained flat, while the London club have almost doubled theirs. Infrastructure investment between the two teams also can’t be compared with us investing just £10m in ten years, in comparison to Tottenham’s half a billion.

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3 Replies to “These Newcastle Fans Vent Their Frustration As Finance Expert Rips In To Mike Ashley’s Tenure”

  • Im a Geordie, But I Support Sunderland. Newcastle should be one of these Biggest Clubs in the UK. There is No Club that can call on LOCAL SUPPORT LIKE NEWCASTLE.. Evan when they fight against Relegation they can still fill SID JAMES PARK. IF they had the money of the Londonstan NUM nuts . they would be No 1 in the UK.

  • i agree with the above coments you watch sunderland will go back up i am sure of that and if rafa leaves mr ashley will have to beg someone to buy the club and newcastle will take sunderlands place now stop out of his shops he is saving up to marks and spencers next and newcastles gate moneyis paying for it

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