Date: 25th January 2018 at 10:33am
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If anyone questions the real motives behind Mike Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle United then you need to look no further than the transfer window.

For almost every other club, it is there as an aid to strengthen the squad or to have some sort of future investment by selling if a big offer comes in.

Here, at Ashley’s version of NUFC, it is there as a hindrance to them as is proven by the amounts of spin that gets thrown and the complete lack of action that goes on in relation to the entrance door. We must hold the record for dragging out a deal as if there is an Ashley handbook in how to stretch things although when it’s a sale, we’re probably the quickest to reply.

Of course it’s no surprise to us older heads as his sole ambition is nothing to do with the football club but by the use of it to promote his tat brand and that wont change although with a desperate need for recruits ahead of a relegation battle, this gamble is almost certainly destined to be lost.

With no news of anything happening in the window until the other day with Kenedy’s eventual loan, these last seven days of the trading window look like being the most important in our near future with Rafa Benitez’s sanity at stake.

A period that on paper has potential but like the whole of Ashley’s tenure here so far, little bits of air but plenty of deception.

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