Date: 24th January 2018 at 11:32pm
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The next draft of TV games were announced earlier and as per usual, Newcastle United featured in the list.

Picked with more time to sort arrangements out granted, they also give you more time to dwell when things dont go so right.

Again, fans who travel to away games are left to suffer for the off chance that someone in Singapore may switch on the telly to watch at a suitable time for them.

Two of our four Premier League games for March have been shifted for viewing and they are the games at Liverpool and our first try at Wembley where Spurs have the luxury of being loaned.

The game at Liverpool is basically moved back two and a half hours and is now a 5:30pm kick off on Saturday 3rd March but it’s the Spurs game that we suffer in the most.

The Spurs game has been put back a day from it’s 17th March date to the Friday night (16th) with an 8pm kick off. Aside from the five or six hours travelling time from up here, there’s the ungodly return home at around four in the morning to worry about.

To complicate things further, that weekend is the 6th round of the FA Cup. We will most likely not feature but Spurs most likely will as they have Newport in the next round and a potential easy 5th round game waiting ahead. We wont know for certain until the 5th round is done and after a replay, the league game may be postponed at short notice, potentially the end of February, so the game cant be officially confirmed yet.

Anyway, as it stands, we have this lot scheduled for TV with the kick off time stated:

Sunday Chelsea (away) 1.30pm on BT (FA Cup)
Sunday 4th February Crystal Palace (away) 2.15pm on Sky
Sunday 11th February Man Utd (home) 2.15pm on Sky
Saturday 3rd March Liverpool (away) 5.30pm on BT
Friday 16th March Spurs (away) 8pm on Sky (subject to confirmation)

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