Date: 30th November 2020 at 8:20pm
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A Newcastle United fan messaged Danny Murphy on Instagram after the Match of the Day pundit suggested the club’s supporters should be happy with their lot under Steve Bruce. 

Obviously, the fact the Magpies won on the road against Crystal Palace will have helped convince some of the pundits who don’t watch Newcastle United on a regular basis that Bruce is the right man to lead them.

Clearly, given some of the awful attacking metrics the side have produced this season and the fact Miguel Delaney recently reported figures in the game don’t think another top-flight side would employ him, it’s really not as simple as winning a game being enough to turn the tide.

Still, as frustrating as some of the narrative certain pundits have pushed is, Murphy should at least be given credit for his response.

As you can see in the tweet above, Murphy does start to acknowledge that some of the performances have been poor and that the brand of football has been bad. Indeed, as Newcastle fans, that’s all we really can do – bust the myths that surround the fanbase.

Reasonable people do not demand Newcastle battle for the league title and compete in the Champions League. While that would be nice, it doesn’t look at all realistic outside of a takeover and even that would surely take some time as the club look to build from their relatively low platform at the moment.

However, they are allowed to complain about some of the problems engulfing the club and they are allowed to get frustrated when their concerns are merely swept aside. By the same token, pundits are allowed to get it wrong, but should be willing to hear the other side of the story, beyond the league table.

There needs to be a conversation about what’s going on at Newcastle United. Things like this will help.

In other news, there does look to be a boost on the horizon for the Toon. Read about it here

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