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Continuing the regular series

It’s Friday and that usually means another Fans View.

This week sees the turn of AMac.

Here he is,in an interview with Morty.

Well, I`ve heard of Supermac and Terry Mac, but never Amac – what`s the thought behind the handle?

I’m Andrew Mcdonnel aka AndyMac aka Amacdee aka Amac.

Are you a native Geordie or do you hail elsewhere?

Much travelled individual born in Cyprus of Brit parents so no Geordie connection I’m afraid to say.

Are you a ST Holder? Do you manage to make many games each season?

Used to be a Platinum Club ST after they revamped SJP then (via my company) bought four ST’s in the Bamburgh Suite. Got most of my money back in booze it has to be said !!

What`s your earliest memory of the Toon?

Probably Toon v Forest game which ended with a pitch invasion ? I wasnt a fan at the time though just read about it or saw it on the box ?

Who was your childhood hero?

Bear in mind the above I didnt follow the Toon until after Uni but the connection between us and my previous club is probably ‘Ray Pointer’ !!! Having more or less ended his career he joined Pompey (my Dads team) so we watched him ‘soldier on’ for what seemed like an eternity . Before anyone asks Pointer was born in Cramlington !!! He featured in the ‘Aye Aye Aye Aye’ song about Pointer being better than Eusebio and ‘Saints are in for a thrashing’
Despite the times and now the gap in years I still have a soft spot (yeah I know) for Pompey.

What`s your proudest moment as a Newcastle fan and the best game you`ve ever seen us win?

Part 1. Not the same thing. Proudest moment AT THE TIME was when Fat Freddy and SJH (The Robber Baron) finally gave up stealing from this club and sold out (before the bailiffs could come in) to the Fatman !!!

Part2. Best game – hmmmm so many to choose from but always beating the Mackems is a special day and 5-1 at SJP – doesnt get much better although I was at the S of Sh when Shearer played his last and Luque scored and the Mackems were going down as well 🙂

What would be your all time Toon XI from your time as a fan?

I couldnt even begin to think about the true greats like Milburn, Gallagher, Robledo’s cos I wasnt there so I dont know enough about the pre/early post war era to talk about them so I’d have to go with what I saw in the flesh so to speak and the stuff that I’ve been told about by senior citizens. Anyway here goes….
I’ve gone with a 3-5-2 simply because it helps to fit all the greatest talent in a reasonable formation

TK (will be better than all of them if Pardwho fecks off and a decent manager comes in with a sound defensive strategy) Shaka on the bench.
Woodgate, Moncur, Fab
Ginola, Harvey (by all accounts a great team man on and off the pitch), Rob Lee, Gazza and HBA
Beardo, Shearer or Cole
I know AS is the golden boy but AC’s 55 goals from 70 takes him mighty close even if some of them were scored in the Championship. He always looked so fluid and lithe that opposing players must have been having bowel movements playing against him and Beardo in the ‘Entertaining’ era.

It`s not the best of times to be a Newcastle fan, conceding goals for fun, selling our top striker – a familiar feeling! What`s the worst moment you`ve experienced as a Newcastle fan and the worst game you`ve ever seen?

Both are the same. Villa Park 2009 indelibly etched in my brain. Not only the result but the complete lack of craetivity, ingenuity, guile call it what you will but despite Sunderland, Hull and Middlesbrough all losing their final matches we only had to score ONE FECKING GOAL and we’d have stayed up.
Later .com said ‘And post-match TV viewing later still left feelings of incredulity as to precisely just how we filled in all of that time without ever looking anything other than clueless, gutless and totally shambolic ?’
I will never forgive the Fatman nor the the little Oirish feckless waster who took all the money, scored the goal that sent us down and didnt even have the decency to hang around and help us back up.
I remember the tears, the jibes from the Villa fans and the players who looked like they couldnt get off quick enough after the whistle blew.

If you could be in Mike Ashley`s shoes for an entire season, what changes would you introduce to bring some stability to the club?

Sell the club for a £1 to a NUFC fans consortium. Yes I know it aint gonna happen! So how about…..

Bring in a ‘safe standing area’ at the Gallowgate end
End the Wonga nonsense for next season
Stop milking the commercial sales into Sports Direct and take down all the feckin signs

If you could swap one of our starting XI for another player from a rival premiership club, who would you switch?

Suarez (I know he’s a diving little c***) for Cisse. 4-3-3 with HBA and Remy or AN Other would be immense.

If you could re-sign one former player, which would you choose?

Not surprisingly we dont do well selling on players with continuing value. Maybe AC after Fatman had gone perhaps just so we could have the press conference when Andy tells us all like it is and that Fatman and Llambias only wanted the money. From previous era’s maybe Macdonald at his prime ?

Which player do you think is the most underrated in a black and white shirt?

(Dons tin helmet here) I dont think Simmo has ever been given credit for what he’s done. OK he’s not playing well at the moment but is anyone ? Last year’s top crosser and top goal line clearance expert has not been treated fairly by the twat Pardwho or the Fat Twat. Maybe cos he was one of the Barton sympathisers but playing all this season knowing you aint getting a new contract cant have been doing wonders for his confidence. Best wishes Danny.

Alan Pardew divides fans, some love him and some hate him. Which side of the fence are you on?

Have a guess ?

Do you think Pards can turn it around with the funds he has available?

Take another guess ?

If he did get the chop, who would you like to see at the helm?

This is where we use up all the rest of this Q&A in terms of ‘yeah but… but’
What this club has been crying out for ever since SBR or KK first time around were plying their trade here at SJP was a playing system which went right through the club
Similar to the Barca model where players from as young as 6 got to understand the Toon philosophy and worked in those guidelines all through their playing careers.
Swansea have managed it by having a chairman with some principles who looks for like for like replacements when a manager leaves. All we’ve ever done is knee jerk so we end up with jerks
and we’ve had our fair share of them throughout the years. So failing Guardiola making a triumphant arrival I’d go with Martinez as he must surely have a footballing philosophy
better than ‘Hoof Ball’. Failing that any current La Liga manager apart from Simeone as we’re falling so far behind the rest of Europe bioth in terms of quality of play and
coaching techniques.

What are your predictions for the current premiership season?

If by that you mean where will NUFC finish ? I’d struggle to see us winning another ten points until the end of the season – so Bottom Three is the answer

Do you think we`ll win the Europa League?

Any other manager with some European credentials perhaps but Pardwho in charge? No !

Mike Ashley has been a consistent thorn in the side of supporters, what do you think it`ll take for the fans to forgive and forget?

Selling the club and apologising.

Where do you see NUFC in 3 years time with Ashley at the helm?

Depends if Pardwho the Clueless is still her ? If he is then mid table Championship is about our best bet !

You`ve been a member of the forum for almost 2 years now, what drew you to the forum?

Actually I’ve been on TOTT for 12 years or more albeit with a different username. Strangely enough the same reasons for getting
me involved then still exist now. Namely incompetent buffoons taking the club and screwing it without any real concern for the long
suffering and I mean Looooooong suffering fans.

Which posters do you find yourself agreeing with?

Dont really know enough about them this time around as I’ve only rejoined seriously in the last three months. However Rexn is part of the
furniture or so it would appear and OM is always a barrel of laughs.

If you could change one thing about the forum, what would it be ?

Dunno enough about it this time around to say. All forums are good for open debate about any given topic maybe a little more tolerance wouldnt go amiss ?

Are you on Twitter? (if so, feel free to share your username)

I am but I’m not a regular tweeter. Can be useful if you want to make a quick point on any of the football shows

What are your opinions on its effect on the beautiful game?

Cant be stopped now, no matter how much Fatman would like it to happen. Players are now more popular than Jesus Christ (or the Beatles) so one way or another they’ll let their feelings be known

Do you think its right that players are fined by the FA for comments made on social media?

Depends upon the nature of the comments ? Overall though either they have a right to their opinions (providing they stick within the legal boundaries)
or they’re just highly paid puppets who arent allowed the abilty to think for themselves

A lot of fans don`t buy merchandise in protest of Mike Ashley, which was the last Replica Shirt you bought?

Never bought a shirt nor will I now. Its interseting to note that the commercial revenues at NUFC have stayed almost static since we returned to the Premier League.
Sports Direct and NUFC Direct seem to have become one ? For a club our size the commercial revenues are woeful when compared to clubs like Spuds and Chelski.

Do you think there`s an age where it becomes unacceptable to have a players name on your back?

We’re all big kids, thats why we’re all here. (Unless of course its Obertan 🙁 )

Sum up Newcastle united in 1 word.

Enigma (probably been used before)

And Finally, choose a question for the next person interviewed

‘Why do you think so many fans of Newcastle United fail to see whats really happening at the club until its too late ?’

For example.

‘Shepherd and Hall selling the NUFC family silver to pay their share dividends leaving the club in debt’
‘Fatman and Weasel stunting the growth of the club by siphoning off commercial revenues and refusing to invest in the playing staff while Sports Direct shares increased almost 300% since 2007-08’


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