Date: 11th January 2018 at 12:13pm
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Some three months have passed since the official announcement that Mike Ashley was willing to sell the club but with that has came a desire to cease business.

Like a closed shop aside from boss Rafa Benitez releasing his thinly veiled digs at the shambles going on from above in his regular press conferences, there’s an unofficial transfer embargo going on no doubt.

With the many horrible decisions of anti-football made here over the years as well as the abuse of past legends, the proven liars in a court of law of intentionally misleading the fan base time and time again cant complain of the lack of trust shown towards them now.

For that reason there shouldn’t and cant be any excuse for the continual extracting of the urine.

The club, takeover in the pipeline or not, has a duty to do business in a transfer window especially when there is a crying need of investment.

As the last ten years of Ashley has proven, it is too easy to do the basics and too easy to receive massive diverted gains. It becomes even easier with parts of the media in the pocket as well.

With under three weeks of the January transfer window open, everyone can see the danger and difficulty ahead if we go through another building chance with empty shopping bags but then again, we’re thinking like football supporters and that’s the problem.

Ashley cant lose when he’s already recouped his investment and more regardless of what pretend figures are written down or paraded round via a media that is harder to trust now than it’s ever been. Just wonder what game he is playing?

With a real danger of us displaying the real fact that we are a zombie club with the threat of another relegation on his failed watch, has he thought what he’s going to do with a club that will see it’s revenue stream dry and a dwindling billboard to advertise from?

Pointless even wasting the thought of answering on a postcard.

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