Date: 23rd March 2018 at 2:52pm
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Despite having announced all of the matches scheduled for TV for April previously, Sky have still decided to select another one of our matches for TV, moving the Everton game at Goodison Park from Saturday 21st April to Monday 23rd April.

The club have offered full refunds for those who can now not attend the game, but the short notice for the change means that many who have booked travel and hotels will be out of pocket. Responding to the announcement, fans on Twitter were outraged by Sky`s decision:


Tickets have been on sale for a number of weeks for this game. The announcement has been made at such short notice, it has upset many people`s travel plans, and it`s just another example of the lack of consideration that TV companies have for fans.

As Sky had already announced their fixtures for April, supporters felt they could safely arrange bookings for travel and hotels without being worried of the fixture being moved. Now, because TV want to fill their schedule for another Monday Night Football, fans have been left to deal with the repercussions. It`s simply not on.