Date: 28th January 2018 at 12:59pm
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Football is littered with little grumbles cropping up all over the place, whether it be Arsenal fans kicking off because they haven’t won a cup for a few months, Man City officials moaning on that money is ruining the game or the latest video replay nonsense that dominates a game.

There is also major issues going on at many other clubs that has been swept under the carpet by the national media or not seen as important as replaying a tweet on twitter all day on Sky Sports as if we need to use the TV to go on the app ourselves.

It’s like a sheep mentality for the sheep and it’s ruined the game for what it once was although most cannot see it.

One thing that hasn’t been seen or has been buried yet again, is the complete disregard for the point of football by Mike Ashley. The powers that be have let him get away with murder here for over a decade and there’s no end in sight.

We’re a football club in name but in nature we aren’t allowed to dream, we’re lied to in regards to club business and the PR surrounding the club is an absolute joke. A joke that still splits the fanbase.

We’re in a relegation fight yet again and will always be under the pocketing tactics and diversion of other funds by our owner with the truth hidden as to why we cant spend.

We’re absolutely desperate for quality and have the money to do so but like the sheep they are, the media buy it and willingly spread the notion that things are going to happen here when the proof is in the last ten years of lies and spin.

Lee Charnley also gets away with an easy life as he willingly takes his pay packet without as much as questioning what is going on and why negotiations take so long on players. He will know what the score is here and is part of the delaying process. It doesn’t matter if his puppetmaster is pulling his strings, he is supposedly human and shouldn’t want to be part of this charade.

Kevin Keegan said it so well nearly ten years ago when he said that Newcastle could never go anywhere under Ashley and he laid it all out there by saying that deals were sabotaged after fees were agreed behind the scenes. Something that came out in the court case as well as the infamous description from the judge that Ashley and co willingly deceived and lied to the supporters time and time again.

The same lies are played out now but it’s still swallowed up with not one ounce of fight back from anyone. The next three and a bit days of this window will play out their usual story line and nobody will do anything about it whilst Ashley will hide away in his Southern watering holes laughing to himself at how much money he has got away with here.

In the meanwhile the takeover stories will play out with their hidden intention to deceive. Repeat to fade….

We can do something about it though but the question is can people be bothered?

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One Reply to “Ashley Playing His Usual Game”

  • Lee Charnley is the lowest paid Chairman in the Premiership, but he achieves a large bonus like his S**** D****t counterparts by keeping wages low….

    ….He does this by stringing along the Manager who takes the flak….. and ultimately resigned!

    Charnley does this with every manager because his income is much more important to him than the football clubs safety….

    Charnley has been in hiding for eleven years now.

    That’s the reason!

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