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Aldi Wish They Had Bargains Like Kieran Trippier


“No player has created more chances from set plays in the Premier League this season than Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier (11), while the England full-back has also played more passes into the box than any other player this term (124)” reads the caption on Newcastle United Stat Zone’s tweet. That is absolutely mind-blowing in and of itself, but there’s something even more mind-blowing than that ………. Trippier cost us just £13m.

“Rolls Royce Footballer” is a term that gets chucked about a lot these days, but Rolls Royce are expensive motors, ludicrously expensive, so calling Trippier a Rolls Royce player doesn’t quite work. He’s definitely Rolls Royce quality but at an MG price.

Honestly, one day soon, Interpol are going to look into this deal and realise that we’ve actually robbed Atletico Madrid. For a right back to be leading the table in passes into the box is just insanity, and for a full-back over the age of 30 to be doing that is beyond insane.

Is Trippier Our Best Value For Money Signing Ever?



There are no words that can adequately sum up just how important Trippier has been to our recent rise. Since the day he came to the club he’s been a leader on and off the pitch, he totally understands the project and the goals set out therein and he seems absolutely determined to be at the centre of any success the club may have in the next couple of years.

If you listen to any interview with Trippier you can hear the passion he has for the game, the love he’s already developed for the club and you can tell he’s got his head screwed on properly. This interview following the passing of The Queen is a perfect example. If we can keep Trippier at the club beyond his playing years and develop his coaching skills, I think there’s every chance we have a future Newcastle United manager on our hands, but if not, he’s already made his mark on this great club of ours and I fully expect an induction to the Hall of Fame in the future.

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