Date: 22nd August 2010 at 5:26pm
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As the fourth goal hit the back of the net, a mischievous ‘You’re not laughing anymore’ rang around Level 7, as the Villains began to leave in droves.

Chris Hughton had gone on record to say this game wasn’t about revenge for the crass behaviour of a handful of Villa fans, who celebrated our demise some 15 months ago.

Well you could have fooled me Chris.

I won’t bore you with the details (or I might when I get back in from my imminent pub crawl). Suffice to say, after using our ‘get out of jail’ card early, we absolutely mullered Aston Villa for a full 90 minutes. And it was all on TV.

Every player to a man, came out with nothing but praise from a bewildered home crowd. And yet again, the man most people doubted in the top flight, came out of it with Honours and a match ball for his hat-trick.

I’m going to go and enjoy my beer in the sun. Villa fans can enjoy a humid trip home while picking that result out of their collective sphincters.


13 Replies to “‘You’re not laughin’ anymore’”

  • fluke… ahem… cough cough…. I’ll get me coat. Well played lads, can’t argue with that. Carrol looks a bit of alright doesn’t he? Pretty stunned by that defeat, didn’t think it would be an easy game for sure but didn’t think our lot would pack in after 30 mins either!

  • Well played lads, deserved it. I certaintly wasn’t laughing last when we relegated you, i didnt want a big club as yourselves to go down actually. Alot of villa fans probably feel the same, It will be a different story come villa park though lads 😉 look forward to it.

  • agree P.Avfc, many weren’t laughing. I know a good few who were talking with the Toon army after the game, good relations, hand shakes, ‘good luck next season’ and all that.

  • Even though I have no affiliation to the toon army I always had a soft spot for them when I started watching them in Europe in the early 2000’s and was sad to see them relegated, looks like Hughton has them playing well and they will establish themselves in this division and build on their sucesses good luck lads.

  • Fair do’s chaps. I’m not really one to hold a grudge generally and I know more often than not, it stems from a minority. Spoke to some decent kids on the train home to Durham.

  • Congrats on the win. Always a fan of Chris Hughton, from way back inthe 80’s. Top Bloke, he is.

  • Pretty astonishing win- never saw this result coming. How do you think you will fare at The Wolves next week? You can expect a better battle than this, but then again, could there be one worse. Whatever lead to Martin O Neil leaving Villa will prove their undoing and haunt them for the next ten years. I’m not basing this on one game; I predicted their crumble the day he left. I’m also not pulling to local rivalry thing either as they are a great club and the only other Midlands club I have any time for.
    Any way, thoughts for the weekend?

  • You beat our ass Geordies! Plain and simple. We were awful. I never thought I’d say this, but seeing him interviewed Joey Barton looks like a different person. He seems to have excorcised his demons and no longer wants to fight the world! Good on you laddy! Good luck for the season (apart from at VP where revenge will depend upon who’s managing us and if we’ve got any money to spend!)…

  • Predictions for the weekend? I have predicted a 2-1 against Stoke and the 1-1 at Everton. Saturday I am calling a 3-2 in Wolves favour in a very open game……………. thoughts on a post card. the usual address.

  • well done newcastle – never been much of a villa fan but good to see pundits with their comments stuck where they should be. Hope you do well and this isn’t a flash in the pan.

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