Date: 5th September 2008 at 11:27am
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The next few days should bring ramifications aplenty for Ashley and his cockney sycophants at the club. Mooted in the press today are the following stories that may or may not be true:

Story 1

Ashley to pursue KK for millions in compensation in walking out.

Response – Already despised by a sizeable proportion of Newcastle fans, this action would surely see any last remnants of support eroded. Throwing petrol on a fire springs to mind.

Story 2

KK gagged – Ashley has put a gag order on KK as a compromise to not suing him for walking out.

Response – Too late Mike. The fans know the score and KK`s statement via the LMA tells it all if you read between the lines.

Story 3

Ashley to hold talks with Arab businessmen next week to try and sell the club.

Response – We have a winner! P*ss off and take your London mafia with you. No doubt you`ll overvalue a club that has effectively crashed in price since his latest actions.