Date: 29th January 2017 at 4:02pm
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Having slept on the FA Cup loss to Oxford yesterday and seen the fall out on all aspects of social media, it seems there is a big split amongst fans of Newcastle United.

Those that supported us pre-Sky when ambition actually meant trying to win a game on one side and those that have nowt but the financials to go by on the other.

In a massive period of distrust under Mike Ashley, I trust and respect Rafa Benitez to do the job to the best of his ability and think that he wouldn’t be a puppet for anyone. I still hold that belief.

I also hold the belief now that cup competitions should be scrapped because with sporting ambition taking a last place to making money at any cost, the risks involved treat the once respected cups with cotton wool hands.

As Benitez said yesterday, he had no choice but to pick the team he did although he also said that they made mistakes and did enough to win in the first half alone. So it wasn’t as if he definitely threw the match although my instinct initially was to think that it may have been done to quicken the hand of the negotiators in any transfer business. Now im not so sure.

If yesterday was a league game then at a guess I reckon we’d have played three of the starting line up at most with those being Isaac Hayden, Ayoze Perez and Aleksandar Mitrovic but at a risk of getting injuries that in turn are seen as an obstacle to gaining financial rewards on position in future, it devalues these cup competitions.

I know it’s Sky’s fault for allowing the money increase to be the be all and end all of the game but it isn’t just here that has seen the problem.

Whilst our loss wasn’t such a shock because an away game to a side just one league below will always be closer than is given credit for but other teams in the top two divisions have treat the cup with similar disdain.

Brighton losing to Lincoln and Sutton disposing of Leeds just two of the bigger shocks but Hull, Watford and Liverpool failed when they shouldn’t have done. The cups just seen as not worth the extra hassle although fans who dream of their side lifting silverware beg to differ.

It’s just another rung on the ladder to escape the soul of the original game with it soon to disappear from view.

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