Date: 6th April 2017 at 1:47pm
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We headed off into the urban jungle of the championship back in August with 23 others, all pretenders to the throne.

Along the way though, some have shown their characteristics to be stronger than others and the leaders have emerged from the pack.

Every so often though, a trial has presented itself and to be fair we have managed with the vast majority of them to live up to the billing of being the favourite to win the show.

Only problem being that this is no show and some of the refereeing decisions made against Newcastle are no great entertainment to us either.

I used to think the standard of officiating in the premier league was questionable at the best of times but it’s nothing in comparison to the embarrassment we get, week after week in the football league.

Every single official in charge has that persona over them that they’re not good enough to make the grade of the top league and their inferiority complex makes them try to outdo each other with decisions involving us to get their name in the headlines.

It’s every week as I say and to limit it to a couple of instances you only need to go back to December and the wrongful sending off of two of our players in Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Dummett to hand the points to Nottingham Forest or the one that wont be beaten last night.

The amount of times this season I have had the feeling that a ref wants to disallow a goal but cant find a good enough reason to is beyond a joke but for Keith Stroud to do what ive feared is still unbelievable some 18 hours or so later. For me there’s no excuse but to say we’ve been cheated.

I know the stats say we scored more goals than Burton and won the game, for that to be the end of it. No it shouldn’t as this happens in different forms far too often. Especially in this league.

With 6 games left and a very good chance of promotion, we want to hope we dont cock this up as we need out of this league. Like a very bad dream we’re in the championship, get us out of here…………………..

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