Date: 3rd April 2009 at 10:20pm
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Having had to put up with a shower of sh*te from the likes of Megson and Allardyce, men obviously worried about the impact Shearer will have on the side, the more respected and astute Arsene Wenger added his two-pence worth and gave a more realistic assessment. He said:

‘To transform a team in eight games, that is not a manager anymore, that is a magician. But what a manager can do in the short term is work on the mental side and give them a psychological lift and, on the tactical side, work on short-term tactics because he has his own ideas.

After, to transform a club takes much longer – but he can have a positive influence on the psychological and mental side certainly. He is a very popular choice and it’s a little bit of mental doping for the whole Newcastle area because it will give them belief and hope again. He can help them to give them that fraction of belief again to help them win games.’