Date: 11th July 2013 at 2:14pm
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I can no longer identify with a game where some players earn in one week what some people will not earn in a decade.

I tuned in to watch the programme on BBC3 last night about suicide in professional footballers, the programme was far from award winning but during it they interviewed some kids who were playing at academy level.

It hit me when they asked the kids what being a professional footballer would mean to them and the majority answered that the money was the motivating factor.

In my youth i actually loved football and i played for 3 teams in my teens, when not playing matches i would be out kicking a ball around with mates.

I know that if i had of been asked what becoming a professional footballer would mean to me that money would not have been mentioned, i loved the game not the potential trappings.

Whilst Mike Ashley may have driven me away from NUFC the whole culture of the professional game is making me turn against it.

I can no longer identify with a game where some players earn in one week what some people will not earn in a decade. The whole professional game is pervaded by greed with little or no concern with how the football club fits into the local community.

We now have wonderful stadiums but the atmosphere is sterile, we have Sky exerting controls over the match schedule changing fixtures at the drop of a hat with little concern on how it effects the fans.

The FA are as clueless as ever and despite the vast amounts of money swimming around in the game the national team has still failed to progress and youth football is generally ignored.

The winner of the P/L will come from one of 4 teams and those teams will contest the 4 places available for the C/L spots. how i long to see a Notts Forest, Derby or Aston Villa win the league like the 70’s and 80’s but it is now a closed shop.

So i have decided to walk away from professional football full stop, no more watching it on TV or the internet, no more subscribing to Sky and no more checking the news to see who we are not signing.

I honestly don’t think i will even miss it, i might miss a few posters on this forum but i honestly think a break from professional football will do me good and barring some major changes i don’t think i will ever attend a professional game again.

Sad because at one stage in my life i actually lived for the game but it has been bastardised beyond recognition now.