Date: 17th July 2010 at 9:44am
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Another week and another poster volunteers to give their take on all things black and white. This week it`s Toon_NoMatterWhat`s turn to jump into the interview chair.


Let`s start by asking your age?



Technically classed as a lazy bum who doesn`t work at the minute, but the wife has become disabled and I`m her (supposed) full time carer – although I`ll probably just take a year out. My normal job varies from construction, building and surveying to computer programming. Done it all me.

Mile roundtrip to an average game?

I live on the outskirts of the city, so around 10 miles.

How long have you supported NUFC?

As long as I remember, probably 35 years(ish)

How many games do you get to (home and away) each season?

Not that many, for reasons I`ve said before, (couldn`t afford a season ticket in the Keegan – manager years) etc but last season I did around 10, the last premier season around 5, I was hoping to get a season ticket last year but due to circumstance, I didn`t. This season I`m in negotiation to get a season ticket. (Just waiting for confirmation off the boss – wife)

Where do you sit in SJP?

I`m a loyal Scoreboarder in the middle of the Gallowgate but last season, I moved around a bit, I was in the corner for the Sheff Utd game and the Leazes corner (Millburn side) level 2 for the Ipswich game. the atmosphere in the Leazes was a lot better than the Gallowgate, so may move permanently over that way.

Moment that`s made you proud to be a Geordie?

Every time the crowd is in full voice, every time we score a goal, every time we are on the news with a positive story and the away fans aren’t happy.

Moment that`s made you question your allegiance/sanity?

I would lie and say its never happened but I remember being around 8 or 9 and Liverpool were winning everything, lads in my school were all getting the Liverpool strips for P.E and u never saw the Toon one, I asked me dad was it ok to start liking Liverpool. he said NO. so for a brief day, I was tempted. but there has been times when the time has done really bad and you are in depression e.g. I remember being 3-0 down to Coventry at home around the 1990 – 91 era and the crowd were all singing ‘sit-down, sit-down’, I was embarrassed but I was one of the only ones left standing up. it makes me more determined to keep supporting in times like that and if you win every game then the fun will wear off eventually

Favourite game of last season?

Probably the Ipswich away game and the fitting tribute for Sir Bobby

Favourite game at SJP?

Of all time, has to be the 5-0 demolition of manure. That game sums up perfectly the question asked earlier about being a proud Geordie. We did that for the country.

overall, had loads of faves over the years and for excitement my very first in the 70’s, when my dad took me for the first time. You sense of anticipation as you walked towards the ground. Gave me goose bumps then, in fact it still does.

Favourite goal of all time?

The most celebrated goal ever by me, was the David Kelly thunderbolt in 92 vs. Portsmouth. Maybe the most important goal ever.

Your Toon Hero?

As a lad it would have been Special K, although Davie Mc, Johnny Anderson, Malcolm Mcdonald, Peter Withe, Shearer, Beardsley, Gazza, even waddle were idolised at times but now its anyone who gives 100% in a game

Ever met a player – if so what were they like?

Not gonna even pretend here that I`m on first name terms with anyone but ive spoken to a few at the ground and when I was younger I worked in garage, some would come in there. most of them are genuinely fine and pleasant. Some have been too quick to walk off but can`t think of any that have annoyed me. Played football against lee Clark. He was a bit of a loud one, tried to show off, but didn`t we all back then. Beardsley`s dad used to live next to me nanna and grandad and we used to see Peter a few times, he always seems the same and never lost the plot. Would always sign stuff.

How long have you been a ToTT poster?

3 and a bit years, before that I was a lurker on there and I posted on a few other boards but not in this user name. my user name now was made when it looked like we were going down 3 seasons ago and I was sick of people having a go at the Toon and I wanted to show my feelings about it.

Why did you join?

The reason of my username, I was sick of people slagging off my club and I wanted my point of view on it.

Best Poster on ToTT?

I think its unfair to say but everyone when they make decent comment are at that time ‘THE BEST’

Most Annoying Poster on ToTT?

again I`m not gonna say, but those that come on just to cause bother or get a bite.

Best thread you`ve seen in your time on ToTT?

The WKD blue – Poisoned_monkey thread, where PM admitted he liked to guzzle the odd Alco-pop. He was getting the piss ripped out of him for ages afterwards, although in the same thread, I mentioned I liked the odd Smirnoff ice, which went down a treat for the masses. It`s been forgotten in ToTT gold history, so I`m not sure if people need to remember this one! Other than that, Goldfishbowl did a couple of stormers – can`t remember their titles – and Craigi’s have to be up there too!

NUFC Season prediction?

Safety. Top end of mid-table – 52 points

Who do you think will win the League this year and who will be in the top 4?

My answers are in order and controversial: Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Spuds. No Liverpool (again), no Arsenal, no Villa. In fact I see Liverpool mid table this year, but that`s going off topic?

One fantasy signing you`d like to see in a Toon shirt?

Frank Lampard – ok he’s a cockney but the way he gets round the pitch and scores a few goals, his influence would be immense

One realistic signing you`d be chuffed with this season?

A good striker in the Bellamy mould

Tell us a chant you`d like to hear belted round the terraces?

We are top of the league! Say we are top of the league – id like to hear that next May!

Tell us a Joke.

I`m shite with jokes, I hear loads but they end there as I forget them…off the top of my head…Sunderland!

Who’s your Dream Woman?

Used to be Jennifer Anniston in her friends days but probably Jessica Alba now

How would you feel about Mike Ashley, if we won a major trophy in the next 2 years?

he same, he’s in the background now and I would expect the same then.

One Question you`d like us to ask the next poster interviewed?

What would make you start to spend money at the ground again – Apart from Ashley leaving?

heers TNM!

If you`d like to be in the hot seat next week and have some not-very-quick questions fired at you, then message -Morty- or one of the other site journalists.