Date: 7th January 2018 at 9:33pm
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News came out over the weekend in which one of our greatest ever players was under investigation for alleged bullying.

Peter Beardsley who is our under 23 boss, has been accused aside from the bullying of also being racist towards African players.

Obviously nothing has been proven yet but the Daily Mail have written that Beardsley is meeting with officials of the club and the PFA tomorrow to go over the allegations.

Evidence is also said to have been given by a number of players and one of them, Yasin Ben El-Mhanni has been one of the players as named as one of those who have a grievance.

El-Mhanni posted cryptic stuff on social media last year in which he said he was in the middle of a nightmare but again, until anything is proven either way, it is difficult to judge.

Beardsley will always be one of our greatest players to me but regardless of the decision in this investigation, I dont think he is doing such a good job of coaching the kids with very few coming through to make it on the bigger stage.

I also think this opens a can of worms because if Beardsley is found innocent then it creates an issue with the players who have provided witness statements.

As ever things are never dull on Tyneside.

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