Date: 6th February 2018 at 3:15pm
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Time for Rafa to stop hiding?

If Rafa Benitez was to turn his back on Newcastle United there will be very few supporters, pundits and alike who would be surprised. The general feeling he has been let down by Mike Ashley with backing in the transfer market – something that doesn`t quite sit well with me.

Don`t get me wrong this is by no means a pro-Ashley article – it is nothing of the sort. The very fact that Michael Owen remains our record signing says all you need to know about how out of touch he is within the modern game. He has lost any ambition he had to turn us into a side that challenges at the top end of the table; however, by appointing Benitez in place of the hapless McClaren – you would have hoped that we would have made a conscious effort to give his best managerial appointment every chance to succeed. It hasn`t been forthcoming and we are now lumbered with an owner wanting to sell up and a manager disenchanted at St James` Park. It is the latter that I find worrying and not what I expect from an experienced manager.

They say that a team mirrors their manager and I have found myself questioning the heart and passion of this team sometimes. Whilst understanding Rafa`s frustrations, his desire to make the best out of what he has got isn`t forthcoming and there appears to be an element of the blame game seeping out whenever he speaks.

Benitez, given his wealth of coaching at the highest level, must understand that this negativity isn`t doing his team any favours and he needs to curtail this right away – given that no changes can be made until the summer at the earliest.

So am I alone in thinking that Rafa is hiding behind this lack of transfer spend as a reason for failure? Surely the loan signing of Kenedy highlights that we could have navigated some cheap alternatives to see us through this coming months? We can blame Ashley until the cows come home, but ultimately it is Benitez that coaches and motivates these players.