Date: 1st October 2013 at 9:55am
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A fan’s thoughts on last night

Almost felt a bit upbeat at the end of the second half against Everton, then I watched Pardew’s interview. The f***** cant even speak proper English.

We was this, we was that. ‘We were’ Mr Pardew, Martinez gave a better interview than you and English is not his native language.

Yep, slag my grammar off but I’m not speaking to the world about my football teams dreadful first half performance.

2nd half, impressed, they showed a bit more heart and battled.

1st half was abyssmal, cant think of a better word. I hark back to a game against Pompey when Cacapa made a pigs ear of it. That’s the last time I can think of such a bad defensive display.

Does that put Coloccini and Yanga-Mbiwa in the Cacapa pot?????

They should have been better prepared and organised, they knew what Lukaku brings and it should have been dealt with.

The other stand out bad performance was Sissoko. He’s got no balls for the fight IMHO.

Set pieces……………..

For a bunch of well paid top level professionals, our set piece play is awful. Three freekicks from decent positions and none of them cleared the wall. Not good enough.

There will be those who say that Everton hadn’t conceded since March at Goodison and we got two. Yup brillaint, trouble is we let in three.

Playing well for only 45 minutes will not keep us up. The Fear sets in again.