Date: 11th October 2012 at 6:05pm
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Forgetting that Wonga is a company who lends money for a second and forgetting the morals over it. The increase in sponsorship money is a good thing if the playing side actually gets to see some of it.

In a poll run by this site, 70% of members were actually in favour of the move and probably more so at the decision to make the media call the ground by it’s proper name again as we still did.

Just touching on this sponsorship increase of rumoured figures of an extra £3 million per year. What can you get with that?
The chairman talks of another player per season. Not sure on that one unless it’s academy or reserve level we’re talking but regardless it’s an increase.

All in all, the ‘fury’ on Tyneside is blown out of proportion, some are unhappy with good reason but from a footballing perspective it’s all good, isn’t it?