Date: 5th November 2013 at 4:15pm
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When will this ‘Super fan’ leave our once proud club?

When will this ‘Super fan’ leave our once proud club?

The answer is simple, when he no longer makes any money/profit out of us.

He is NOT going to leave if gates are 51,000 for every game, they have to be MUCH lower, the kind of attendances you get in Division 1 or lower.

The problem is when you have one fan who decides to give up his season ticket, there’s 10 more here willing to fight for that place.

Remember when we were ‘the entertainers’ and there was a five year waiting list for tickets? I was lucky enough to get one, in fact i sneaked in the back door.

The offer was for a part season ticket for £50 i think it was and it was for the gallowgate end just before they closed it off to build the stand.

I got one of those then when my 10 games (i think) were up, I applied for a full ticket and ended up being relocated to the Milburn stand D paddock for the rest of the season.

I was in, regular season ticket holder and got the option of moving into the Gallowgate stand when it was built which I did, row NN69 (A seat number Sir Laz would’ve been proud of), Which I no longer have, I had to give it up before Mr Ashley arrived BUT I had use of my grandad’s ticket when I was able to go to the match.

You have your cup games, which are not priority at this club anymore because god forbid we qualified for Europe again by winning one, the rest of the fans know this and when you draw Man City at home you know that its unlikely we will be progressing any further.

My mate took his son to the match, his first Newcastle game even though he wanted to see the likes of Aguero etc.

Now you have a number of likeminded dads who just want to take their kids to watch a match they wouldnt normally be able to get to. Are they at fault for keeping Ashley here? Yes and No, Yes because they are giving Ashley money and No because all they are interested in is taking their kids to the match as a one off.

What IS the problem then? the answer is Everyone! Going to the match does not have the same feeling for me anymore, protesting, singing songs inside the ground isnt going to make a difference to Mike Ashley. He’s already got your money!

It’s like McDonalds, if you dont like the food, you dont go there. Don’t go and eat a big mac meal and about 3 happy meals for the kids and complain its cost an arm and a leg and the food is crap.

Ashley has had enough stick from various sources to know that he doesnt give 2 hoots what anyone thinks of him, if he makes an extra couple of quid profit per head then hes laughing all the way to the bank.

I understand those that’s paid up front are in a difficult position but not everyone has done that, they looked too good to be true at the time and I usually think if its too good to be true then it probably is.

We know what Ashley is all about, he’s a buy low, sell high kind of bloke and that will never ever change.

We got Carroll for nowt and sold him for £35 million, in business terms a cracking deal, in football terms a disaster cos he was never really replaced for ages.

Cabaye, bought for £4million and will be sold for anything between £12 – £20 million. Not a question IF he will be sold but when and for how much.

Could it be in January or in the summer? Then replaced by Anita? probably, who’s value will also go up after display’s like that against Chelsea.

Players are treat like his merchandise, the fans are customers and his staff are treat like the smelly brown stuff you get on your shoe.

It’s more cost effective to employ minimum wage people until they get sick then you just make conditions unbearable so that they leave and just replace them with similar people.

My brother has been on the receiving end of a similar kind of operation with another company, immoral – most definitley, illegal – unfortunately not.

What needs to happen is that NUFC is no longer a profitable option for him, its one thing to stop going, players leave, team gets relegated etc. That’s no good unless Sports Direct’s profits go downhill as well.

Problem is, he is selling his stuff to people who can’t afford the more expensive brands and people who probably dont even know who Mike Ashley is, never mind what he has done to this once proud club, city, region.

If Sports Direct’s profits are having to keep NUFC afloat, he will be off like a shot.

I already happen to think that he’s putting all the profits from NUFC as SD’s, technically he’s already had his money back through SD making a killing but keeps the club ‘in debt’ to him as a way to justify his business model.

The solution is a lot more complicated than people think which is why things probably wont happen.

We need a leader, someone who is looked up to throughout the region.

A Keegan, A Shearer etc etc to lead a revolution against Ashley, someone who the sheep will listen to, we need the press to turn the heat up. We need people in Tyneside and surrounding areas to stop shopping at sports direct.

We need demonstrations on a regular basis, not every few weeks and not after displays or results against teams like Chelsea.

Look at the protests Liverpool gave their previous owners for an example, even the Glazers got a rough time but they are still at Man Utd. I bet it made them take notice though.

To organise that kind of a campaign takes a lot of time, planning, co-ordination and total dedication to the cause. The question is, who would be willing to do it and if anyone has the time?

You never know, Ashley might buy Rangers next season just before they jump up to the SPL as they will be a bit cheaper.

Sell off as many of our players as he can, recoup as much money before leaving us a shell of a club. He knows he’s not wanted here and he knows no one will shed a tear when he eventually does leave.

I’d be happy with that, I’d rather tear everything down and start from scratch as we already know there will be a lot of folk wanting to help rebuild.

Then we can laugh when he tries to do the same to Rangers, their fans won’t take no crap from him, They would sooner burn him at the stake than try and rename Ibrox