Date: 13th December 2017 at 2:59pm
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It’s been a long drawn out rant at footballing life these past ten years or so, all coinciding with the rule of Mike Ashley.

We thought he came here under the right intentions but we soon found out that the progression of the football club would be the ultimate price we would pay.

Many fans have walked, many others just completely fallen out with the game in the state it is with us inparticularly suffering from not being allowed to enjoy the fantasy that other fans have with their lot.

Ambitions, dreams, even common logic in a club wanting to better itself has all been controlled by the many public relation pieces that have followed Ashley’s script around. Relations that have caused division between our support and these issues will still be there when or if a takeover does happen.

Today sees yet another official story from all of the media outlets which basically just seem like a rehash of the gossip we all see first on social media or hear down the pub by the old bloke with a dog who happens to know a family friend of a cleaner at Newcastle or something.

Maybe this time though, it’s true and with that will come a realisation that we will have to learn how to support again instead of having our limits controlled.

Until then and until a takeover is confirmed, the drink is on hold.