Date: 23rd November 2017 at 1:59pm
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Ten years is a long time in life but it’s even longer when you spend the majority of it wishing things could be a whole lot different.

Supporting Newcastle United through The Ashley Years has been akin to a loveless marriage where you have gone through the motions because it’s something that you are used to doing.

Spending time with your ‘partner’ should be a precious time, not one that you have dreaded.

The appointment of Rafa Benitez has been like having an affair in which you are still with the same ‘partner’ but the rules have changed in that you can now see what you want the other person to become and you feel that they can change if something happens.

In our case we need a complete divorce from Mike Ashley and his abuse like running of the club in which a little crumb is offered with the pretence of a big slice of cake in the offing before the crumb to then come with a price that we cant pay.

It’s been soul stripping at times here at Newcastle with attendance at games being met with moments where you would wander off in your head back to days where we tried to be the best we could although when Rafa Benitez came here to manage the club those moments have vanished.

One thing has remained though and that being the way that Ashley wants Newcastle to be run on a shoestring in order for maximum gain. The risks of this are the lack of footballing ambition that has seen the club slip massively although takeover talk has reignited a bit of a spark that we can dream again.

When the dreams are taken away then a divorce is needed although if you support a certain club, it’s an impossible scenario.

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