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The Case of Heart Not Head. I Have No Idea What He Is Thinking. Opinion


Written by Dave Shanes, aka Trumps Wig:

STEPHEN ROGER BRUCE, the self-confessed Newcastle fanatic, born in Corbridge in 1960, residing in Benfield and a product of the famed Wallsend Boys Club. Known best for his career at Manchester United and later, a manager of no less than TEN football clubs, are we to be number ELEVEN?

There is no doubt that Bruce had a successful footballing career, rubbing shoulders with some great players and his time at Man Utd coincided with some of the best Premier League players at the time. His managerial stats are far less to shout about. Perhaps more concerning is the honours list, promotions to the Premier League being the only claim to fame on a few occasions. Is this the writing on the wall for our 2019/20 campaign, given we are a club in a complete and utter mess thanks to the foul, arrogant and ignorant owner, Mike Ashley?

You see, right now as a fan we have very little faith in anything going on at out club, I’m all for giving new managers a fair crack but this all smacks of an appointment by an owner who expects relegation, a solid Championship manager like Bruce has the experience to prevent us falling further, can you think of any really poor clubs who have done that recently? Tune into Netflix and have a chuckle.

What bugs me is the bigger picture here, what the hell is Bruce thinking? He can’t be using his oddly shaped head.

Reports now that we are looking to break record transfer fees in the signing of Joelinton (smokescreen?). Who has sanctioned this pursuit? A manager coming into the club must surely be alarmed that the club is looking to spend the biggest amount of cash ever, without the new manager having a say, and again, this would surely alarm him that the decisions to bring in future players will not be his own?

The potential takeover by the Yabadabadoo Group, well so far it is a cartoon right? He’s allowing a current owner to bring him to a club that may or may not, the latter feels more likely – be under new ownership, what then Mr Bruce?

The fans, and yes, the majority, do not want Bruce. Benitez left, in my opinion rightly so, and for reasons that Bruce seemingly isn’t bothered about, vision sharing, decision making being but two of the reasons and yes, some Chinese Yen that would have helped the decision to depart.

All of the above leads me to believe that Bruce is betting with his heart not his head. I’ve tried this with the gee gee’s and trust me, it works once or twice and you literally think you’re the dogs doo dahs, then all of a sudden you realise the whole thing is out of your control and you should have stuck to a plan. A man betting with his head will know that this horse is destined for corned beef.

Personally, I don’t want to see Bruce at Newcastle, but, I don’t want to see anything happen until there’s a statement that is cast iron enough to give us the info on new ownership, if there is a chance, the chance is now very slim and Newcastle United fans can prepare themselves for another season of mediocre football, another season of nothing to look forward too, another season of spending more money on season tickets (don’t do it folks)

We have one consolation as NUFC fans, we are used to disappointment – Steve Bruce’ arrival will not change that fact for sure.

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