Date: 19th December 2017 at 10:16am
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The next six weeks wont break Newcastle United but it most certainly could make it.

Amidst the takeover talk fall out, the scenarios for what happens either way will have been played out in many pub, club or sitting room with one option being favoured massively.

A brand new direction under a new owner is well past due for many reasons and aside from the staleness of an owner not interested in progression as a football club, we would get one with a blank canvass of renewed trust.

A new owner will come with risks but with a fresh approach in their belt, they wont come in and just sit there expecting the money to roll in as it doesn’t work like that. Under our current model, that is the least that Mike Ashley expects as he just doesn’t understand how football works.

The massive boost that the city will get on a change cant be underestimated as people that have turned their back on the way the club is being run as well as the apathy that has surrounded their football supporting, will suddenly express an interest again as a spark will be ignited.

Whatever happens and whether you believe there actually is any takeover interest, it looks like there is no way back for Ashley in the running of the club to it’s best interests. To be the best it can be pound for pound to pinch a phrase, so what then?

With major investment needed and ignored for so long, yet another relegation will be underlined if January ends with the expected script having panned out.

To say the next six weeks isn’t important is the biggest understatement ever, the chance to make sure it is needs to be taken.