Date: 30th January 2008 at 10:22pm
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Old boys network ahoy! Sir Taggart Ferguson has come out with some well timed snidey remarks belittling KK`s return and sticking up for his mate Sam Allardyce. Talking to The Times, he said:

“I welcome any new challenge, but of course Kevin has a big challenge for himself up there to get Newcastle back in a strong position. Sometimes it is wrong to go back to a club for a second spell, but there are examples of managers doing it and having relative success, but no outstanding success, so I will be interested to see how he copes with it.

I think Kevin probably looks at Newcastle as his club. He played and managed there in their best periods of the last 25 years – certainly their best period since I came down to England [to manage United] in 1986.

He was living a great, peaceful life-style but then as soon as that phone went, a part of him must have thought, ‘Oh, there`s unfinished business here`. It`s excitement, and we all need that in our life, and for Kevin, the only source that could have come from was Newcastle.

I have said that when you are out of the game you can be forgotten and that`s a big problem for managers. Some managers have taken sabbaticals and that`s been a problem for them. In Kevin`s case, he was working in Glasgow at his soccer school and has obviously been well out of touch with the game while he was trying to make it work.

It`s difficult to say how it will affect him, not having seen virtually any games in three years. He`s had a rest, and he will have the freshness that brings, so who knows? But the game has definitely changed. It`s changing all the time.

Certainly Kevin`s way of management and Sam`s way of management are completely different. Sam was meticulous in his detail and organisation. He left nothing to chance, but his problem was that he wasn`t employed by Mike Ashley.”