Date: 15th October 2019 at 8:20pm
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“Takeover will never happen” – A lot of Newcastle United fans have dismissed the latest takeover news as rubbish – while others are not bothered.

The latest claim is that Peter Kenyon’s new group GACP Capital have opened up some leasing companies in the US with Newcastle in their name.

However, Mark Douglas also reports that there have been no further breakthroughs in talks between Kenyon and Ashley.

It seems that finally, the years of failed takeovers have taken their toll on the people of Tyneside, and this latest rumour with Kenyon, again, has triggered almost no response from many Newcastle fans because they don’t believe these stories anymore.

See the best of the reaction below.

A few Toon supporters are dismissing the possibility of a takeover happening.

While other Newcastle fans are not interested in this latest story and don’t believe there is any interest in buying the club.

I have to say I agree with this group. These latest Kenyon rumours have not interested me at all.

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One Reply to ““Surprise surprise” – Many Newcastle fans not shocked at latest claims on takeover deal”

  • Its not the buying of the club that is the problem the problem lies with all mikes dodgy deals eg need a loan well i need security on it say the training ground. Same as he tried in Glasgow bigger fecking thief than dick turpin. So its not about Your club its everything else under his dodgy deals like your merchandise probably 5 pence in the pund too NUFC 95 PEnce to sports direct probably on a 7 -10 yesr rolling contract plus rebuying your stadium rights buying back your training ground getting rid of your SD advertising thats why no one will buy NUFC. we got lucky in Glasgow he didnt have long enough to kill us

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