Date: 12th November 2017 at 2:01pm
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Based on Mike Ashley’s running of Newcastle United and the never ending cycle of PR stories, there was always going to be uncertainty about the future.

None more so when it was announced on the official NUFC website that the club was up for sale again.

Some people have said that the ‘for sale’ signs have never went down and that Ashley would always sell the club if he could make a quick buck and disappear into the night.

Whilst I dont dispel this logic, it’s quite common knowledge that Ashley bought us to advertise his sports shops and a quick sale was never going to do that.

With him being here a full decade now and the brain washing of how a club should operate almost complete amidst a backdrop of a minimal spend, we have the Rafa Benitez effect putting a spanner in the works.

With Rafa igniting the feelings of old in that a club should have ambition to better itself on a regular basis, this may have made Ashley realise that he has to sell now whilst the club is in the top league and in a position where the best price he could ever achieve with his model is now.

The smoke that is covering almost every aspect of any takeover rumour is provided by the legal things like the NDA’s but then complicated by the likes of our local media quoting club sources is saying things aren’t true. I dont understand how anything can come out if the whole point of the legal stuff is for a closed mouth.

There will be people that know though and for The Chronicle to say today that an Asian rumoured story reporting that a takeover price has been agreed is wrong, based on the above paragraph for starters.

Depending on which sources you personally believe in life, there are many different angles to this whole story.

I personally believe there is no sale ahead based on too many years of lies and actions just stripping away the positivity I have around the football club and I feel that we aren’t allowed any good times here but there are some people that seem confident in what they believe in that it is happening.

The Chronicle even go as far as saying that no bid has came in from any group interested in buying Newcastle but how would they know?

This could and probably will be some sort of propaganda tale, maybe even just involving one interested party with all manner of stuff made up to try to create some sort of panic led auction, history dictates us not to believe anything that comes from the club so why it’s taken as gospel is anyone’s guess.

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