Date: 27th October 2010 at 11:15pm
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Well, another Wembley dream is over for Newcastle United and while the result was never really in much doubt, home fans were left with a feeling of bitterness at the antics of certain visiting players and some poor refereeing decisions.

With both sides mainly fielding a second string, the opening ten minutes from Arsenal suggested this 4th round Carling Cup tie could have been over long before the break, with a number of chances for the away side. Krul made a couple of telling saves and Newcastle managed to weather the storm and gain a foothold in the match.

Nile Ranger then might have put the home side ahead but after doing well to outsprint the defence, was tripped by the advancing keeper and when he made the decision to stay on his feet, by the time he regained his balance, the Arsenal defenders had time to get back and block his effort.

Alan Smith then almost broke his goalscoring duck for the club with a thunderous drive, and despite the ref giving a goalkick, the replays show the keeper did well to push it onto the bar and over, otherwise it would have broken the net.

Arsenal had chances of their own but they broke the deadlock courtesy of some comical defending from Newcastle. When a 45th minute corner was swung in, Krul made an ill-advised attempt to punch clear and missed. The ball was helped back in and Bendtner’s header looped towards goal. The unsighted Krul was unable to collect it and the ball was helped goalwards. Ryan Taylor stooped to intervene but his clearance rebounded off Krul’s head and into the net to make it 1-0.

The first goal was a killer coming on the stroke of halftime. But if the manner and timing of that seemed cruel then the second was to leave a sour taste in the mouths of Newcastle players and fans alike.

Having started brightly in the second half, a headed clearance from Djourou, sent Walcott racing beyond Newcastle’s defence. Williamson may not been able to make any telling difference to the situation but coming back from an offside position, Bendtner clearly impeded the centre half ensuring a clear path for Walcott. None of the officials saw a problem with this, and despite protestation, it was Walcott who nonetheless did well to finish and increase his side’s lead.

Chris Hughton tried to change things around introducing Gutierrez and Carroll and later Barton. But by then the tie was almost out of reach, despite all three making a clear difference to the balance of play.

But it was all in vain and with Newcastle taking chances to get back in the game, first Bendtner did well to make it 3-0 and Walcott wrapped up the tie with his second for 4-0.

The reflection should be made with decent perspective and in the context of what this game was. Arseanl are a good football side and perhaps the outcome was always almost inevitable. Without some questionable refereeing and with a little bit of luck, at the very least the margin of defeat would have been less emphatic.

However, perhaps a realist would see the lack of depth available to Hughton. The club tonight made an offical statement to say Chris Hughton is going nowhere, in light of specious rumours that his job is on the line.

But even when considering the great work up until now, Hughton is not a miracle worker and investment in January surely paramount? This was a second string Newcastle side but also up against another second string. Despite the help Arsenal got on the night, the gulf in class was there for all to see. But then perhaps the reality is, that Arsenal will be fighting for trophies while Newcastle fight for survival this season, so does this result really change anything?

What’s perhaps worth reflecting on though, is that despite their obvious ability, there was another glimpse at the gamesmanship employed by the visitors. At times they played a delightful passing game, and they are sumptuously endowed with a reservoir of talent. And yet for every sublime pass or stunning movement, there was a dive to con a ref into giving a decision their way. Then there was the blocking incident. That’s not the Arsenal all the neutrals know and love, is it?


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  • they must practise these dives in training because they all went over as soon as 1 finger touched their bodies.

    im being serious, there needs to be an inquest over this cheating like

  • It was an unnecessary tackle on Fabregas. Didn’t need to do it and got rightly booked. Didn’t see the Eastmond one to be honest. But it’s the first time he’s been anything like reckless this year. And they were hardly leg breakers. So the ‘thug’ label is just the legacy of previous misdemeanours. He has one more chance as far as I’m concerned but has so far kept his nose clean and gets better and more effective with each game for us.

  • i knew the barton thuggery card would be played but all i can say is if arsenal play on a windy day then technically all of their players should blow over. *****in lightweight cheating *****s

  • You guys definitely got unlucky with Walcott’s first goal. Bad decision from the ref. If Bendtner had got right out of the way quickly, it would have been ok, but he clearly interfered with play so the goal should not have stood. That said, to claim that it was a deliberate block by Bendtner on the defender is rubbish. He was trying to get out of the way, but not quick enough – clearly he didnt expect the play to come back at him so quickly. Just one of those things… but the ref shouldn’t have allowed the goal.

  • Re watch the game, Williamson blocked Bendtner in exactly the same way in the 1st 10 minutes leaving Walcott with nobody to square to, our 2nd is just a case of karma I’m afraid. Eboue went down a bit easily a couple of time but the walking cigar evened that out with a couple of stupid challenges at the end of the game, all in all you should have no complaints.

  • Joey Barton = what a **** that geezer is and a disgrace to prison reform everywhere, 4-0 down, coming on and seeing who he can do, orrible little *****.

  • what i would be more annoyed at is the fact that you are at home,but decide to play defensivly with 10 men behind the ball, untill you go behind…then play too high up the pitch to let somene as fast as theo to waltz through…bad management,but thats what you get from spuds in charged

  • Iceman got to it before me. You guys obviously missed the foul on Bendtner by Williamson in the first half that prevented a goalscoring opportunity. Karma is right on this one. No need for anyone to bring out the cheating or thuggery cards…it was a decent match and the team that deserved to win did so. You guys can really have few gripes. Impressed by Carroll though. You have a hot property on your hands.

  • The difference, clearly (surely?), is that the replays show Bendtner glance over and deliberately impede Williamson. Whereas Williamson was clumsy. That’s not bias, just how it was. I’m a pretty fair person to be honest, and I think as much as anything else, the antics of Eboue stuck in my craw more than anything else and even some of the younger lads threw themselves down theatrically. When Gutierrez does it, it gets right on my knackers. You were the better side by far, but I don’t think that’s even up for debate?

  • I have to admit I’m not one of Eboue’s biggest fans. I can’t stand his antics, both on and off the field. I’m not about to defend him. There are a few players who go down too easily for my taste. But let’s be honest a foul is a foul, even if its clumsy. If you compare the 2 incidents then in the case of the Walcott goal its debate whether Williamson would have caught Theo in any case, whereas Williamson’s foul on Bendtner clearly prevented him from being able to meet Walcott’s cross. But its swings and roundabouts on this one for me. I don’t think either incident really altered the outcome.

  • Lets not forget about the 5 or 6 handballs Arsenal got away with! I know Perch got away with 1 too but seriously, the ref let them play basketball at times!!!!

  • amazing how the arsenal player was rolling around “injured”, got the foul, and then suddenly jumped up and confronted barton after he did something

    amazing how his “sore” leg was able to take that

  • If you watch the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid and also the Spanish national side, they have all perfected the ?art? of falling over as soon as they are touched and it works ? count the trophies. It?s not just Spain either, it is common practice all over the world to gain an advantage by using these tactics. I have (reluctantly) accepted the fact that ?if you can?t beat them, join them? so I accept that British teams will have to do the same to increase their chances of winning something. I think Eboue has realised this, so credit to him, but he can?t fall over very well so it looks pretty bad. However, if you watch the likes of Puyol at Barcelona then you can see a master at work. Unpleasant and cynical? Yes, and definitely not the British way, but as FIFA do nothing about it then it must be the approved way.

  • Deluded Arsenal fans,

    Eastmond should of gone and been banned for at least 6 games for that shocker on Perch!

  • An Williamson should be banned for trying to con the ref that Bendtner obstructed him. Reviewed the match several times now and its clear your man wasn’t quite as innocent as he appears.

  • rabit71 – It was a terrible tackle and took Fabregas out cleanly, it’s not like he dived, the fact he stood up with a sore leg shows hos *****ed at barton he was. To even attempt to defend Barton in that incident and put the blame on Arsenal shows your ignorance of the game.

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