Date: 10th October 2007 at 9:55am
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Apparently there`s an international coming up this weekend. England`s Baldwin-esque chief Steve McClaren, him of the pearly white ceramic dentures, is positively purring about Michael Owen and has rejected any suggestions that ‘it`s all kicking oorf` with Sam Allardyce over the player. Muttonmouth said:

“Michael`s been training fantastically well, he was very sharp. All the players did considering they had played but I very impressed with him. People talk of a conflict between Newcastle, Michael and ourselves and there is nothing further from the truth. We liaise with the club, the medical people, we liaise with (manager) Sam (Allardyce), we liaise with the player. No risk will be taken but Michael is a very important player to us and if Michael is fit, Michael will play.’