Date: 24th November 2017 at 11:17am
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Aside from Alan Shearer being a Newcastle legend and still the Premier League’s highest goalscorer, he has been doing other things of note.

Obviously the most prominent of these is his role as one of the experts on Match of the Day on a Saturday night or whenever it is on but he has also been researching something else recently.

Those that saw the BBC documentary he was in the other week will be well aware of what he was doing but if you missed it, he was researching whether heading the football can cause damage and most importantly, could it be a cause of things like dementia and other neurological diseases?

It may still be on the BBC iplayer for however long but if not then it’ll be somewhere to view on one of the free players there are like youtube.

Anyway, the main aim of the programme was to find out if there was links to back up the diagnosis that some footballers who got dementia later in life was because of heading the ball. Some people suspect it does but others have proved so far in certain cases that it doesn’t but no-one can say for certain.

That is why Shearer wanted the footballing authorities to step forward and do a proper study on it as they had been asked to do for years. Whether it’s coincidence or as a result of Shearer getting this back into the spotlight, the FA have announced that a proper study will start early next year.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn spoke of the forthcoming research by stating it would be ‘one of the most comprehensive studies ever commissioned into the long-term health of former footballers’

Understandably delighted with the news, Shearer spoke of it on BBC Sport by saying:

When you consider what the coroner said in 2002 and nothing has been done until now, then it is a big day.

It has been a long time coming and I am delighted the FA and PFA have have now backed it and we can now get the answer that football needs.

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