Date: 23rd October 2017 at 4:38pm
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Speaking in his usual slot in The Sun, Newcastle legend Alan Shearer gave his views on an alleged sale of the club by Mike Ashley.

The Premier League’s top goalscorer was primed to continue his role as boss here after an eight game stint but was then blanked by Ashley a few years ago after shaking on a deal, so he knows first hand that things dont go plain sailing.

This talk of a takeover has great potential to be another red herring but Shearer reckons that this is a major point in our history with it being like the sliding doors moment where each decision pans out a vastly different future.

Choosing or sticking with the Ashley way has just drained everything as he clearly doesn’t want to allow the club to better itself and certainly doesn’t want to spend any cash on doing so but the other way is an uncertain future that could herald a great chance for the club to reinvent itself as one that wants to be right up there as the potential is massive.

Speaking of it, Shearer said: The reason Ashley has been disliked during his 10-year tenure is because he has not invested enough to realise the club`s potential.

Trying to change the name of the ground, plus his poor treatment of certain managers have not helped either. Nor has selling the best players. I have never quite got why he bought the club in the first place.

This long-held view by people from outside the club that Newcastle fans have unrealistic expectations of where their club should be always leaves me perplexed.

All we have ever wanted is the hope our club can challenge the very best, hope that they can win a trophy, hope that our dreams and desire for the club can be matched by those owning and running it.

Obviously time will tell whether the club will be sold or not but you get the feeling that it’s now or never.

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