Date: 17th October 2017 at 10:11pm
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When Shay Given left Newcastle to go to Man City a few years back, a fair few of us knew the real reasons why and wished him all the best.

A player that had given us the best part of his career and twelve years of his life had come so close to breaking our all time record appearance record and surely would have done but for injury.

The fact that Mike Ashley came in and started to turn the club into a version of his sports business with his plan to sell to buy cheap conflicted with the ambitions of professional sportsmen and it was no surprise when Given left.

Not everyone knew the version that panned out of Given’s sale with the only side played out being the version that was reported in the media and info fed from an Ashley led regime that had been proven as being liars in court.

With Shay Given releasing his new book in the near future, The Chronicle has been releasing snippets from it with his sale from us featuring.

Given basically said that the version of events that was mentioned in the press was lies and he was made to leave due to being offered a much lower deal. He even declared that he would have stayed here for his full career which means he missed out on that appearance record.

With the recent news being dominated by us allegedly being up for sale, whether we believe we are or if it’s a smokescreen or not, what is interesting is the amount of people with books coming out and telling everyone just how horrible the characters have been in charge of our club for the past decade.

It’ll be interesting to read what Andy Carroll has to say about his real intentions to move when that big fee came in for him because we all know who the instigator was.

By the time that book comes out though, im guessing Ashley may be long gone.

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