Date: 17th February 2018 at 2:42pm
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We’ve long spoken about the atmosphere change that has came around after standing on terraces was replaced by all seated stadiums.

In recent years though, there has been a growing consensus that a safe type of standing would actually benefit the game as well as create better atmospheres and maybe increase the revenue stream by allowing more people to stand than can be effectively seated.

At Newcastle, maybe the issue has gone down the list of necessities due to the soul destroying way in which Mike Ashley has taken the ambition away from the club but if a takeover happens or Ashley is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas then it’s possible the clamour for it will come back.

In recent months though, many of England’s top clubs have been approached with their thoughts over introducing trial areas and aside from the legal aspect, it is already done safely now.

When you get into your seated area, you walk and then stand. When you score or something happens of interest, you stand and when you leave, you stand and get out in a safe fashion. Away fans stand through the whole game normally and the introduction of the rail seats would increase safety if anything from what it is now.

Even Alan Shearer mentioned it this week in his column for the gambling company he works for.

He stated:

I understand there has been a group who have been campaigning to introduce safe standing at Old Trafford. As a kid I was brought up going to the Gallowgate end at Newcastle and I loved it.

I do think safe standing will eventually return to Premier League grounds. We have to be very conscious of what has happened in the past but as long as it is safe, I would be all for that.

However it is likely to take a while before we start seeing clubs ripping out seats from their stadiums.

It’s a no brainer for me bearing in mind what is known now in relation to the full facts about the Hillsborough disaster for example.