Date: 3rd May 2009 at 3:15pm
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Newcastle United have shown what a poor side they are this season, and that assessment was augmented by a shocking display against Rafael Benitez’s Liverpool at Anfield.

Alan Shearer is either blind or has extremely low expectations from his side, because if this is what having a ‘good’, ‘great’, or even ‘fantastic’ day in training produces, the Toon Army will cringe to see what a bad day on the Magpies’ training ground will bring.

The United players rarely were interested in making a run, or helping out a teammate when under pressure. No passing, no movement. Words echoed from the last few weeks. Still resonating in the ears of all Geordies, worldwide.

Relegation would spell the end of the current regime, both players, and the management (team, and business). Does that seem like such a bad thing after what fans witnessed this weekend? One might feel inclined to rethink that answer – one which would have been answered instantly by a fan last season.