Date: 5th January 2018 at 8:42pm
Written by:

Since the announcement was made on the official Newcastle website that Mike Ashley wanted to sell the club, I have waited for proof to back up the gut feeling.

With history to go on that has seen Ashley and co go down on record as being proven to have misled the public time after time. Something that is mentioned in legal documents, I am still waiting.

We are led to believe that a billionaire businessman is primed and ready to part with his cash cow but are forgetting to remember the basic fundamentals and so it seems is he.

Surely to sell something you then have to advertise it to the hilt, maybe even lie about it’s condition or at the very least get it’s standing up in lights.

However there has been none of that. Instead we have an owner continually leaving it to be run by itself or with a lack of ambition.

A club that is amongst the richest football clubs in the world but has many areas of the media in it’s pocket playing down the various aspects of how it should be run or indeed trying to get the fanbase to be grateful for finishing 17th in the league.

Whilst takeover deadlines change on an almost daily basis on the grapevine, one man still milks the cash cow and his various businesses thrive on the back of it. You can bet money that Ashley is going nowhere

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