Date: 11th July 2017 at 9:20pm
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It may not be the middle of July yet but we’re all guilty of allowing varying factors to dictate which direction our thoughts are of Newcastle United.

A Newcastle United with Mike Ashley’s name above the door is the single biggest mind game of them all with good news dismissed and bad news intensified. All before we know whether either is true or not.

Recently and as each day of the transfer window has gone on, the mood has worsened, the need for recruits becoming more desperate by the hour. As a fan base we’re panicking when others seem to be calm at hand.

The prices clubs want are scandalous but then again so is the money you get for taking place in the premier league with TV cash just carrying the game off to unsustainable levels. It’s a tricky situation to be in.

We haven’t got enough strength or quality in depth to be certain of staying in the division and why would we gamble when the money is handed to compete on a plate?

Lack of trust in Mike Ashley and his proof that he cannot run a football club like his sports shop aside, there are other pressing issues.

Rafa Benitez complained last season that we were at a disadvantage in changing divisions with a squad not fit for task with big changes needed and a mentality to go with it. He argued that others like Brighton had the advantage in only needed a little tweak here and there with more money able to be spent on individuals rather than a big group.

The same applies this season in that an unspecified budget has to stretch on a certain group of players.We stay up this year and in every year we stay up after then we can afford the little tweaks with the big budget price tag to go with it.

This season, no matter how hard we think it shouldn’t be, is all about finding our feet again in order to compete in the future.

Targets were always going to be hard to get but that isn’t forgiving the Newcastle regime in slacking in their job. Stalling so to speak.

We know there is no takeover in the pipeline and there’s no need to be a lack of effort in securing target A, B, C or Z but there is unless it’s because Rafa is persisting in patience to get his top targets, we dont know.

Rafa in his professional usual self seemed happy yesterday at the schools 1892 cup but there will come a point where logic will be out the window and everything will make sense in a panicky sort of view. That time will arrive eventually, no matter what camp you are in.