Date: 13th April 2018 at 11:03pm
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There has been a trend at Newcastle over the years and one that only really comes to prominence with certain characters in charge of the playing side.

I’m, of course, talking about the injuries we have suffered.

Prior to Rafa Benitez instilling his mentality at Newcastle, we were just as infamous for our well-stocked treatment room than we were for our bad defence. It left most of us wondering just what the heck was in that room because it must have ranked right up there with the Carlsberg version of rooms.

Under the likes of Alan Pardew and Steve McClaren, for example, we were always at or near the top of the physioroom league table and this trend can be traced back over other characters.

Graeme Souness blamed the training pitches for injuries and even moved the team onto others whilst Ruud Gullit had a priest sprinkle holy water on the ground as he reckoned it was cursed. Many other managers have suffered bad luck or various other concerns but under Rafa things seem to have calmed.

Surely this can’t be a case of luck shining on the club for once and his working methods must rank highly on the reasoning as the treatment room is currently empty. Hopefully, I’m not setting myself up for a case of bad injuries to hit us and the redundant room be swung back in favour as it can’t be down to the gods.  With missing work days being highlighted in recent years and us being right at the top of the tree, this is another rung of the ladder why Rafa is indispensable to Newcastle or Mike Ashley and show why he is worth every single penny of his pay packet.

Having no injuries brings selection headaches but these type of concerns will no doubt be favoured over enforced team selections and long may this continue.


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  • What have I just read?? If you’re earning money writing like this I’m in the wrong job! No offence but that’s poor.

    • Poor? An opinion that Rafa Benitez has made the infamous treatment room that has been well overused for years, almost unneeded. A case that I put down to great coaching and methods or the mentality of players he wants here compared to the passengers we’ve had in the past.

      It’s also an opinion that costs people nothing to read and isn’t click bait.

      By all means, we welcome debate and we’ll do that all day but to give something a label without substance is just poor in itself.

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