Date: 17th April 2018 at 10:55am
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Whilst Rafa Benitez likes his political games, it’s not hard to tell by his body language whether he’s angry or happy in his job.

At present I’d say his mood is a mix of content, pride and apprehension of the future.

He’s content with his season’s work so far which may have exceeded his personal expectations and with this, there’ll be a pride that he’s got a group of lads that will run through hoops for him. Succeeding in their task of survival in the premier league.

The apprehension in Rafa’s life will stem from his professionalism in hoping that the season doesn’t fizzle out and the team continue to try their best and get even higher in the table with a place in the top 8 still possible. There will also be apprehension over the next chapter involving Mike Ashley.

Micky Quinn stated on Talksport in a radio show that he knows someone close to Rafa and they said he would stay on here if his minimum expectations over money to spend are met but the real issues ahead are if Ashley can’t allow Rafa’s ambition to be realised or at the very least, attempted.  Basically, a game of financial suicide if you ask me.

Rafa also came across confident in the future yesterday with an interview on Spain’s Radio Marca in which he said that talks were planned about the future, which will surely mean a budget discussion and most likely a contract renewal as Ashley knows the value of Rafa to the club’s valuation.

Among his quotes in it, he said:    The board is trying to sit down and talk about the future to create a stronger team.

As ever, these things will all be revealed in time.


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