Date: 17th October 2017 at 9:00am
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Normal every day news items can afford the chance to be judged on an individual basis, whether or not it’s propaganda or there to take your eyes off something else, there is no real history to suggest otherwise unless you have inside knowledge.

It’s funny how different people react to the same news and this is no different when it comes to Newcastle United although there is a history to go off when we’re talking about it’s ownership.

Without going through the infamous moments of Mike Ashley’s ownership or the real reason why he bought the club back in 2007, it’s been long clear that we all need a clean break.

Time after time when certain things happen, the truth of it gets questioned by many of us that see the big picture and yesterday’s press release to state the club was up for sale was personally questioned and looked at in the way it deserves. Just another time filler.

I guess im not the only one that just wants the club run in an honest fashion without little smokescreens coming along or excuses not to spend on A, B or C with too many ‘experts’ thinking they can tell the fans how we should support our club.

With part of the fan base getting older and maybe not wanting to bother with their opinion now, what is not needed is others who have only really followed the club under Ashley’s ownership and saying their bit on what the score is or getting carried away with what is just a non story of a sale so far. These people don’t realise the true potential of the club.

As it is, im not holding my breath at a sale with it’s little clauses in saying that Ashley will accept deferred payments. That just sounds like a long term payment plan that will allow him to keep his adverts plastered all over the place and other financial diversions intact.

We’ve had ten years of dishonesty and it’s about time it changed.

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