Date: 3rd March 2018 at 3:00pm
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Like many decisions recently in the world of football that have alienated so many, another proposal looks to stick another nail in the proverbial coffin.

That being the idea to stick a bit of a break into the football season.

Now dont get me wrong in that im one of these old fuddy duddy types that wants to stay in the olden days where football seemed fairer as im not but logically, this new idea cant work in it’s current guise.

The premier league announced that there would be a break to come in, in a couple of years where in early February, one set of premier league games would generally be split in two to create a free week for every team. A decision that hasn’t been rubber stamped by the FA as far as I know but regardless it seems cast in stone.

The reason why I reckon there needs to be a rethink is the FA cup factor where the majority of premier leagues will have a free week anyway and the unpredictable weather that we get in this country.

If we’d already have had the break this season and our game was postponed like many others around the country during this bad snowy spell then with a big break already banked, we’d end up with an enforced lay off before a fixture congestion at another, probably more important time.

We have just had a two week break caused by our allergy to cup competitions and the same thing has caused Spurs to cancel our game there in a couple of weeks to see us have a three week break during March.

With cup games meaning less now in the big world of money then surely the cup should be working around us, not the other way.

Maybe an idea would to change the format of the league cup and start it in early Summer instead of playing meaningless friendlies with the later rounds kicking in after Christmas, this would mean that more league games could be played early doors and more time off between matches at the later stages where stress and confidence kicks in more.

Just a thought as I dont think this idea will work.