Date: 11th December 2017 at 2:32pm
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Walking up to St James’ Park on Saturday, the mood didn’t reflect the fact that we were in a bit of a free fall. It felt almost buoyant.

With the roads closed around the ground well in advance of kick off and the varying LED screens and projections of old action onto the ground itself, there was an air of anticipation.

We know our club is a remarkable one and that’s not because we are biased towards it but for being long suffering almost deluded types that want to follow through all types of fortunes with most of ours being anything but golden.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head like Kevin Keegan coming back in a helicopter to land on the pitch before introducing Amanda Staveley as the new owner before a ceremony started which saw the removal of all the horrible sports logos that have vandalised the stadium. The football soon dispelled that dream like vision though.

Whilst we didn’t play that badly on Saturday, we were in a completely different league to a side that is maybe on our level on paper in that they were one fighting to get away from the dodgy end of the premier league. Their pace, movement and tactics maybe a vision of Rafa’s and what he could have had if he got his way in the previous transfer windows.

We huffed and puffed with some players just not being up to the level of the premier league but we had our moments and although Leicester deserved the points overall, it still came as a bit of a shock when they got the winner as we piled the pressure on late on.

One of the many issues I have at present is with a small minority of fans that blame the manager for certain things. I also would have made different subs on Saturday and with hindsight, maybe Rafa would have done to but it’s just not acceptable to disregard everything that has gone on and slag people off for the sake of it.

Whilst Rafa has had some grief via social media, some of the moans and groans for some misplaced passes by our team was over the top as far as im concerned and this will just add extra pressure to those that are struggling to start with.

We have a label that our support is up there with the best in the world but you wouldn’t have thought that on Saturday although again, a minority shouldn’t speak for the rest.

With each passing game seeing a win become more and more important to stop the rot, it’s becoming ever more clear that the penny pinching that has been the epitaph of Mike Ashley’s time here is yet again the sub heading to what is looking more like a scrap to survive.

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