Date: 21st September 2017 at 5:56pm
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All good things generally come to an end and us as Newcastle fans need no reminder that things can turn very quickly.

In fact you could say that we wrote the book on how footballing fortunes will change with the wind.

As it is though, what we do get reminded on week after week is the amount of clueless football ‘experts’ cropping up on telly and giving their opinion on how things really are with our club or how they see things going.

We get stereotyped more than most with this deluded opinion from them all that we demand a team that needs to win something when the truth is a million miles away in that we’d love it to happen, there’s no expectation.

We also only ever demand a club that tries from top to bottom to be the best it can be, something that all clubs should endeavour to be like. The fact it hasn’t been like that for ages is the main grumble aside from my next one.

Going back to these clueless ‘experts’, aside from their views on how they say things are up here, we get their predictions on what will happen. The majority come across like a jilted teenager in their hate of us being so evident with a list as long as your arm to which are the worst. Generally it’s because one of their mates has done badly here or they’ve been on the wrong end of something.

Anyway, last year in the championship we had a weekly dose of David Prutton with his attempts to replicate the Alan Pardew corner kick routine with his predictions where week after week they just dont come off. Obviously once in a while you may get one right but it doesn’t justify the TV companies decisions to keep using these people.

With us winning three games in a row and generally playing ok, we wont win every game from now until the end of time and reflecting that is the premier league predictor on Sky in Paul Merson who has predicted his latest thing regarding us.

This being the sixth game of the season, he has yet again predicted us not to win. The fortunate Spurs win for them he got right but our defeat to Huddersfield was predicted to be a draw by Merson.

Since then, he’s continued not to favour us and we’ve won every one with the latest prediction as a 1-1 draw at Brighton being labelled as a result we’d snap hands off for. Totally clueless and I dont know why I bother letting it wind me up.

It’s a pity that there isn’t a league table of Prutton’s and Merson’s league table of predictions like Mark Lawrenson used to get on the BBC as it would show things up for how bad they are.

Hopefully our players use things like this to fire them up because it generally rattles me.


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  • I get what you mean – such journalistic trash is mere fodder for the media to fill their quotas, not meant to be taken seriously or to cause offense – but it DOES. Prutton/Merson are rude, ignorant, offensive and they should know better. Why wind up an entire fan-base, it isn’t good journalism or good manners and I doubt they or their media masters actually do benefit from it either financially or professionally. It reflects badly on the standards of media and media watchdogs that they keep up the drivel. But, …haters gotta hate are incapable of anything else, unprofessional journos are incapable of recognising or correcting their lack of professional or ethical standards. All we can do is smile and focus on supporting and enjoying the team.

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