Date: 29th November 2019 at 7:00am
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A lot of Newcastle United fans are irritated as Simon Jordan AGAIN mentioned Mike Ashley.

The former Crystal Palace owner is obsessed with Newcastle and Ashley and was talking about us once more on talkSPORT.

This time he claimed that Ashley was not a bad person to deal with and that we are overreacting when we call him the devil etc.

The truth is that Jordan and pretty much anyone else who goes on talkSPORT and talks about Newcastle is just trying to get bites out us, and Jordan is one of the worst.

He loves to defend Ashley no matter what, as he knows it winds us up, but he knows nothing about Newcastle.

I just wish they would stop putting him on to save himself the embarrassment of showing his lack of knowledge about the Toon.

Do you value anything Simon Jordan says?

Yes, he has some insightful thoughts

Yes, he has some insightful thoughts

No, he knows nothing

No, he knows nothing

Certainly, these Newcastle fans are sick of Jordan spouting rubbish on the radio.

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